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If you are looking for the opportunity to publish your book, then look no further. We focus on the creative needs of writers like yourself, by giving you access to the tools you need to publish your book in a smooth and affordable manner.

What You Get

By using the latest print on demand technology, as well as new approaches to self- publishing, we give authors the services and assistance they need to publish their book. Design, production and publishing services are easily accessible, and with online distribution and the most extensive range of marketing options, we make publishing and marketing your book simple and straightforward.

Our comprehensive range of publishing, editorial, and marketing services allows authors to tailor the self-publishing experience to their unique needs. We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives and publishing professionals who are available around-the-clock, and whose expertise ensures an enjoyable publication process.

Publication Is a Right, Not a Privilege

In the past, authors believed that they should never have to pay in order to have their work published. However, the face of publishing has changed. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed by traditional publishing houses, and as a result, many compelling stories have been left untold.

The self-publishing industry has revolutionised the world of publishing and opened up a whole new array of options for writers. You no longer have to wait to be recognised by a publisher or agent to see your work in print. You now have the full power to become a published author with a finished, professional book available to your readers --, no matter who they are, where in the world they live, and when they want to order. Publication is no longer just for the selected few. It is now an exciting goal that everyone can attain. Self-publishing has placed the power to publish in your hands.

A Range Of Services to Choose From

However you want your book to be published, marketed, edited, and distributed, we have the service for you. With the most comprehensive range of publishing, editorial, and marketing services in the market today, you are guaranteed a publishing experience tailor-made to your needs.

Our publishing and marketing consultants are here to help. Call us today for your free consultation, and let them assist you in choosing the combination of services that suits your vision for your book.

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Publishing Services Testimonials

"I would appreciate having the name of the person who did the editing because I want to add his/her name to my acknowledgment page. I wish to give credit to the correct person. I am very pleased with the result of this phase."

Ellen Jensen-Dean Sudden Death in Room 110,
An Unlikely Witness, A Return to Say Goodbye

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy and satisfied I am with the work you have done with making my dream a reality." 

Darla Murray-Loomis Temporary Temples of Beauty 

Your Right to Remain Silent "I have never seen such a professional publication in my life! ... I'm happy I decided to self publish." 

Lord M. Shaheed Aadam Speed Pimpin' 

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